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 60# Electric Breaker (2)  Angle Drill
 Brick Tongs  Core Drill 
 Bull Float 4 ft & 5 ft  Upright Core Drill
 Bull Float Creaser  Hand-Held Drill
 Bull Point  Hammer Drill
 Walk Behind Concrete Saw   Large Mag Drill
 30# Electric Chipper  
 Concrete Broom and Adaptor  DRYWALL
 Concrete Mags 15' Drywall Lift 
 Electric Concrete Mixer  Drywall Screw Gun
 Mortar Mixer Texture Sprayer 
 14" Electric Concrete Saw (2)  
 14" Gas Concrete Saw (2)  FLOORING
 12" Gas Concrete Saw  Carpet Cleaner
 Concrete Trowel  Carpet Knee Kicker
 Concrete Wall Vibrator  Carpet Seaming Iron
 Edger  Carpet Stapler
 Flat Chisel  Carpet Stretcher
 Groover  Flat Orbital Plate Sander
 Jumping Jack  Floor Covering Stripper
 Laser, Stand and Stick  Floor Polisher
 Plate Compactor- 22"x20"  Hardwood Floor Edger
 Plate Compactor- 12"x24"  Hardwood Drum Sander (2)
 Plate Compactor- 21"x17"  Hardwood Floor Stapler
 Power Buggy   Linoleum Roller
Power Trowel  Shop Vac
Wheelbarrow  20" Tile Cutter
   17" Bed Wet Tile Saw
2000 Watt 
4300 Watt Electric Air Compressor 
6000 Watt Gas Air Compressor 
   Air Hose
HEATERS AND FANS  Aluminum Brake with Stand 
6000 BTU Propane Heater   Braid Nailer
 Barn Fan  Finish Nailer
 Commercial Air Mover/Blower  Framing Nailer
 Tubing Fan  Hammer Tacker
 HEAVY EQUIPMENT  Roofing Nailer
Towable Air Compressor   Shingle Fork
 90# Air Breaker  Soffit Gun
 Concrete Breaker for Skid Steer  
 Mini Excavator  LANDSCAPING
 Pallet Forks for Skid Steer  36" Pull-Behind Aerator
 Bucket for Skid Steer  3 pt Pull-Behind Box Scraper
 One-Man Post Hole Digger  Landscape Brick Saw
 Two-Man Post Hole Digger Toro Dingo Compact Utility Loader 
Hydraulic Post Hole Digger   Bucket for Dingo
 Ride-On Lawn Roller
 Auger for Dingo
Skid Steer with Bucket   Pallet Forks for Dingo
Trencher for Skid Steer  Trencher for Dingo
Auger for Skid Steer  Harley Rake for Dingo
9", 12", 18", 24", 34"  3 pt Pull-Behind Discs
   3 pt Pull-Behind Harley Rake
LAWN AND GARDEN  3 pt Pull-Behind Rototiller
Walk-Behind Plug Aerator   3 pt Pull-Behind Rough Cut Mower
 Bed Edger  3 pt Pull-Behind Seeder
 Walk-Behind Brush Cutter Sweeper for Tractor
 Wood Chipper   John Deere 4410 Compact Tractor
 Cultivator  Cub Cadet 7532 Compact Tractor with Loader
Hedge Trimmer Stump Grinder
48" Pull-Behind Lawn Roller  
 36" Pull-Behind Lawn Roller LIFTS AND SCAFFOLDING  
 24" Hand-Push Lawn Roller Baker Scaffolding 
 Pull-Behind Lawn Sprayer  Scaffold with Wheels
 Pull-Behind Lawn Sweeper  Scaffold Planks
 Walk-Behind Lawn Vacuum  Pallet Fork Lift
 Back-Pack Leaf Blower  Bil-Jax Lift
 Log Splitter(s)  20' Indoor Scissor Lift
 Power Broom  
 Rear-Tine Rototiller (4) MISCELLANEOUS
 Walk-Behind Seeder Appliance Dolly 
 Sidewalk Edger (2)  Battery Charger
 Sod Cutter (2)  20 Ton Bottle Jack
 Straw Blower  12 Ton Bottle Jack
 Walk-Behind Sweeper  8 Ton Bottle Jack
 Pull-Behind Thatcher  Electric Wire Puller
 Walk-Behind Thatcher Hand Cart
 String Grass Trimmer Insulation Blower
Hydraulic Rototiller  Flood Lights
 Wide Area Rake Measuring Wheel
 Walk-Behind Grass Trimmer  2 Ton Motor Puller

 Paint Sprayer
PARTY SUPPLIES   200' Tape Measure
13'x13' Bounce Houses (Princess,
Sports, Castle, Toddler)
 300' Tape Measure
 Folding Chairs
(Black, White, Off White)
 Wall Paper Steamer
 8' Banquet Tables
 8' Table Covers SAWS 
 Chiller Table  18" Gas Chainsaw
 10'x10' Canopy 24" Gas Chainsaw
 10'x20' Canopy (2) 16" Electric Chainsaw
 Dunk Tank Jamb Saw 
 Small Sewer Snake 12' Pole Saw
 Large Sewer Snake Tree Pruner
Hose for Water Pumps   Ring Saw
Small Electric Water Pump  Sawzall 
 Large Gas Water Pump Skill Saw
74" Car Dolly 1400 PSI Electric 
#1 5 Ton 18' X 80" (2 ft dove tail) 1800 PSI Electric Bear Cat 
#2 5 Ton 18' X 80" (double bag gates) 3400 PSI Gas
 #3 5 Ton  61" X 142"  
#4 Utility Trailer 16' X 82"  
#5 Utility Trailer 8' X 69"
#6 Car Trailer 20' X 83"
#7 Utility 12' X 80"  
 #8 Utility 9' X 54"  
 #10 Dump Trailer 6' X 10' ( 5 ton cap.)  
 #11 Enclosed 5' X 10"